I know this post would probably be suited more for January but since Janurary was a super busy one for me, I thought it would be now or never! I saw Fabulous Hannah posted a video like this and was really inspired to do it to. So here’s a list of 10 products I hope to try in 2017 ( I know I am being optimistic Because I’m a student but I could always refer Dom or my family to this list if they needed gift idea so!!) –

  • Becca First Light Priming filter – I have heard a lot about Becca’s other primer and I was super keen to try that. But recently launched was which hydrates and refresh tired skin. I thought sounded way more up my street because I want hydration as well as a glow. They say that the First Light version is great for a refresh and making skin look healthy, which is always a must for me being a university student who is a constant state of tiredness! I haven’t tried anything from Becca but all the products look really up my street, so I am keen to explore the brand further.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz – This is such a cult favourite in the beauty world and after hearing everyone talk about it, I want to see what all the fuss is about! The only thing that has put me off purchasing is not really knowing what shade to go for, so if anyone has any advice please let me know!
  • The perfect Liquid Lipstick – I really like the idea of matte liquid lipstick, but I am still on the hunt for my perfect formula. My lips get quite dry so it means that when a formula is  too drying it can look really gross. An option is ColourPop’s ultra satin lip  because the formula sounds amazing as a matte liquid lip alternative. Plus they do so many colours, there is sure to be a few colour options that I’ll love and suit me.But since ColourPop is kinda expensive to get hold of in the UK (because of shipping and customs) I might have to put this idea on hold! If you guys know of any liquid lipstick formulas that work for you and aren’t too drying, please let me know!
  • Milani Blush in Romantic Rose – This has been hailed as a dupe for Tarte Exposed which I really wanna try! But because Tarte is so hard to get hold of in the UK, I might have to settle for this for now! It looks like a lovely neutral blush shade that is great for any makeup look. It’s like nothing I have in my collection already , which really draws me to it. Plus the blush is beautiful in the shade if a rose, which is another selling point to me!
  • Sleek highlight palette in Solstice – This is a raved about highlight that I’ve been struggling to get my hands on for ages! Every time I go to my local drugstores it’s sold out because of how in demand it is. Even though I am more of a subtle highlighter girl, the shades in this look truly beautiful and I’m sure they can be blended out for me more soft for everyday wear. I like that you get numerous shades in this too, so you can mix them or try out different looks with one product!
  • Nuxe Rev De Miel – I have heard a few people talking about this lip balm online. I am always on this hunt for a new lip balm that is gonna really hydrate my lips and last a long time. I am waiting to use up my current lipbalm before I purchase this. But I can’t wait because I expect good things from this lip balm and really changes my lips for the better because I am fed up with how dry they are
  • Urban decay Primer potion in Enigma – I use the original primer potion and really like it. I am nearly out of mine and really want to try their limited edition one in Engima because it isn’t clear and has a beige tint to it! This means it will not only prime, but cover my veins on my eyelids as well! I was doing some research and 100% of the producers go to Urban Decays’s charity that helps women, which is always a bonus!
  • Benefit ready Set Brow brow gel – I am in the market for a new brow gel because all the others I have tried have been kinda disappointing and having kept my brows put at all! I have tried a few of Benefits new brow range have been really impressed, so I hope the brow gel is on the same level! 
  • Anything by Charlotte Tilbury – I recently purchased the lipstick of Pillow Talk lipstick and have fallen in love! It’s my first Charlotte Tilbury purchase and I am blown away by the quality. It makes me want to try anything and everything in her bra day! I particularly have my eye on the lipliners, the natural look in a palette, the magic foundation and any of the lipsticks because they are incredible!
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation – this foundation claims to be 24 hour wearing and waterproof, which really intrigued me. I have a firm favourite for a long-lasting foundation that is a medium-full coverage which is Estée Lauder Double Wear Light, and I am always on the hunt for drugstore alternatives and dupes for my favourite products. I hope this foundation will work on my dry skin!

So there were the products I want to try this year! Have you tried anything on this list? Do you have anything you want to try out this year? I’d love to know!

Lizzy 🙂