As someone with dry skin I want to look dewy and glowy all year round. But recently I have been wanting up my glow-game to add a bit of life to my face during these dull and grey months. Here are a few of my fave products I’ve been using recently to give me the desired glow – 

  • Barry M Glowmance cream – this can be used before or after your makeup. I personally love it before as a primer because it adds a lovely golden glow which adds a nice level of luminosity to the face. It smells really lovely too and it feels quite hydrating when applied. Its vegan friendly and from the drugstore so the price is right at around £5! 

  • Topshop Glow Pot in Polished – This has been a favourite of mine for a while now! It’s a cream formula so it really sinks into the skin nicely. The shade is a lovely champagne shade and it has an almost pink iridescent to it which makes it so pretty. It’s doesn’t fade away totally either, so you are still left with a decent amount of highlight once you’re done blending which is lovely.

  • Tanya Burr Cosmetics liquid highlight in Beaming – I got this for Christmas in the ‘Beautifully Defined’ set and really like it. It’s a true gold colour that is pretty for daytime and night. It is quite liquid-y so I don’t know if I’d use this as a primer or mixed with foundation, but I know Tanya’s full size face illuminator that launched recently is really good for that, so the formulas could be different. This would be the perfect base for powder highlight to go on top to make sure your glow is like a beacon of light! 

  • Rimmel London Sculpting palette in Coral Glow – I picked this up really recently but it has become a life saver. I love that the blush, highlighter and bronzer are all in one palette which is a good space and time saver! All the shades have a nice amount of shimmer in them so they add a really nice but subtle glow to your look. I don’t know if I would contour with the bronzer because of the shimmer particles in it, but I like that it’s a really glowy bronzer rather than a matte one because it adds to the level of glow in my makeup look. 

  • TheBalm’s Mary-Lou Manizer – This highlighter is a cult classic for a reason! It’s such a beautiful, “whabam” highlight that brings life to your face and brightens everything. I think it is an intense highlight but it can be built up or down, so it’s a good all rounder. I also think that this shade would work for a lot of different skin tones, I’m quite fair I think this just about works for me on the light skin scale, but if you are medium-deeper skin tones this would also look incredible! I usually love a more subtle highlight, but when I’m feeling a bit extra I always grab this! 

Those were a few of my fave glowing products that have saved my dull complexion recently! These would of course work at anytime of the year as well, which is another reason why I love them so much! 
Lizzy 🙂