Hey guys, hope you are all well and had an amazing Christmas and New Years! I wanted to kick off 2017 with a review of a product I am so excited to own… The ABH Modern Renaissance palette!! This product was so in demand when it came out and impossible to get hold of in the UK. But I got an email from Beautybay.com saying that is was back in stock and clicked that link so fast, half expecting it to be sold out already. I am so happy that I managed to get myself one, it’s the most beautiful palette I have ever seen, and so different to everything else I have in my collection (I had to part with my Violet Voss Holy Grail palette – 😥 ). I know that ABH now has a UK website so if you want to pick yourself up a palette or anything else for that matter it is now so much easier and cheaper for us in the UK! Anyway, on to the actual palette itself…

First off, I really like the packaging. I know not everyone is a fan of the velvet finish on a palette but I really like it. I love the blush pink colour as well, but I can imagine it will get dirty pretty quickly (you can see mine is kinda dirty already and I haven’t had it long) . You get a good size mirror as well which is really nice, and it a good quality mirror as well, if you know what I mean you’ll appreciate that!


Now lets talk about the palette and shades themselves. I love that you get such a good selection of shades which work really well together or can be worn alone or combined with other palettes. I have never really worn warm/red-y tones much before, so this palette is perfect for pushing me out of my comfort zone whilst still being fairly neutral at the same time. I am yet to do a full, blown red toned smokey eye, but judging by people’s looks online it can look so incredible! I have only incorporated shades like Red Ochre and Venetian Red into my outer corner or crease slightly to add warm, but even that adds a bit of extra something that I was lacking before! I actually saw a video by Jamie Paige Beauty where she did a full face using this palette, which I would love to try because I think all the shades would work well for face makeup as well as eyes! Obviously the other shades are warm toned, but some are more subtle, which make it a good all-rounder. Something I love about this palette is how versatile it is, I can do any look, from a ‘barely there’ look all the way to a dramatic evening look, and anything in between.  I love every single shade in this palette, but a few faves are; Golden Ochre, Vermeer, Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange and Antique Bronze.

L-R: Antique Bronze, Golden Ochre, Vermeer, Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange

The pigmentation of these shades are INSANE, I don’t think I have used a palette with this level of quality in before. There is a bit fallout when you dip your brush in the palette, but I haven’t found this to happen when I apply it to my eyes. They blend so well, they don’t take a lot of work to reach my desired look which I appreciate. They last a really good time on my lids as well. With a primer underneath, they last about 9 hours before looking a bit faded on me and with out a primer they last an okay amount of time considering my eyelids are so oily and basically eat eyeshadow within a couple of hours!


Overall I think this is my favourite makeup purchase to date! Once I have got more confident with the deep red tones I know I will fall in love with this palette more and more! I don’t know if this is limited edition or not, so I hope that once I hit pan on a few shades I can repurchase it in the future, or maybe I’d go for another ABH palette since I haven’t tried anything before now and am beyond impressed with quality! If you are thinking about buying and you are able to get your hands on it, I think you won’t regret buying it. It is quite a lot of money, it’s the most expensive makeup palette I have purchased but I think it is really worth it in my opinion, I think it will last a really long time and the quality of the palette is faultless.