Being away for uni makes me even more excited for Christmas to roll around each year because of how family/friend orientated it is. I love Christmas so much, and every year I want to try out new things to see if they are worthy of making new traditions for the following year. Here are a few things that I want to try out/do this Christmas –

  • Drink as much hot chocolate as humanly possible – I am obsessed with hot chocolate, it is the only hot drink I actually like since I’m not a fan of tea or coffee. To me, nothing says Christmas more than hot chocolate with cream, sprinkles and marshmallows. Our house is so cold, that consuming your body weight in hot drinks is the only way to warm up, so its justified…right?!
  • Have a TV show binge – with university basically taking over mine and Dom’s lives, we haven’t had much time for watching TV shows like we used to. I want to have a whole day dedicated to watching TV shows with lots of snacks and a cosy winter blanket. Right now we are really into Parks and Recreation, but if I was watching alone I would choose Gilmore Girls!
  • Do some Christmas Baking – After watching Zoella’s easy Christmas Treats video, it has really got me in the mood for making some Christmas treats. I also saw a few things in the Tanya Bakes cookbook that I want to make this year. I really love sharing the treats that I have made with friends and family at this time of year, and if you are on a budget, it makes for a lovely, heartfelt Christmas Present.
  • Watch Christmas films with your family and friends – I love Christmas films, if Dom allowed it, I would watch Love Actually all year round because it is my all time favourite film! I think that Christmas films are so lighthearted and happy so they are guaranteed to lift your mood. They also are amazing for getting you into the Christmas Spirit, which is a bonus!
  • Try out some festive DIYs – I always scroll Pinterest for hours looking at the cute DIY ideas but never actually get around to trying any of them out. I really hope that I can motivate myself to do some this year because they seem like a fun and stress relieving thing to do, which is perfect if you have assignments to do over the Christmas holidays.

So there were a few ideas and goals for me (and you) for Christmas 2016. I know they were kind of basic and obvious, but with so much work to do this Christmas break, I really appreciate the simple things in life which is what Christmas is all about.