As the seasons change, it is likely that our skin care will change. My skin being a bit of nightmare right now, really dry in some places and a some spots in other places. This has meant I have had to change some things up a bit to make sure my skin looks and feels at it’s best. I am gonna give you a run down on my skin saviors I have discovered for this time of year.


  • Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment – This is such a lovely and luxurious feeling eye cream! I love how thick the cream is, it really feels like it moisturising my undereye area. I think it really helps the application of my concealer as well, which is a bonus! The smell is amazing too, so fresh! Anything avocado I am all over, as it is one of my favourite things ever!
  • Rodial Dragon’s Blood Tonic – I always feel like toner is a bit of an extra and unnecessary step in my skin care routine but I really like this one. I got this as a sample over the summer and really like it. The rose-water in this make it feel really cooling but hydrating at the same time. It is a really fine mist, which I am always a fan of and it feels like it soaks in really quickly as well.


  • Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate – I am OBSESSED with this! I was unsure about buying this because of the price of this, but I had heard so many amazing things about this that I had to check it out. (Plus I got 20% student discount, which was amazing!) This product is SO SO worth the money, I put it before bed and then wake up and feel like looks so radiant and it clears up and skin issues as well. I feel like this works wonders for any skin type and with continuous use it has improved my skin drastically. Also, this smells so calming because of the lavender, so it really helps me relax before bedtime too!


  • First Aid Beauty Ultra Facial Cream – I saw that this cream caters to very dry skin and thought it would be worth checking out for this time of year. This is a really thick cream, so a little goes a long way. I find that I really have to work this in because of the consistency, but once I have done my skin feels really nice and soft. This is really good for all over body use too, so I apply this to my eczema as well and it really helps soothe those areas too.


So there were a few products that have helped transform my skin as we go into the colder, harsher months. What are your Autumn/Winter skin care faves?