If you are like me and are obsessed with this time of year, you would have seen the new Babylips range and freaked out a bit! As a lover of lip balm and anything remotely Autumn/Winter themed, I knew I had to check these out. (Sorry about the lighting, I lost track of time and wanted to make sure this post went up!)

Top – Bottom: chai tea latte, vanilla cupcake, pumpkin spice

There are three limited edition lip balms added to this range; Chai Tea Latte, Vanilla Cupcake and Pumpkin Spice, and they all smell so lovely and aren’t too pigmented which I really like. They aren’t the most hydrating lip balms in the world, but they are cute all the same!

Chai Tea Latte is a berry tone lip balm. I love the colour of this but I find because the lip balm shape is quite flat and round, it makes it hard to apply this neatly. I haven’t used this one that much, and don’t think I will at all because of how messy it is to apply, with a lip balm you kinda just wanna be able to apply it without thinking about it. Plus because it isn’t super pigmented, the berry tone looks a bit strange on the lips. Also I find the scent/taste of this to be quite odd, it isn’t what I think chai would smell like at all – which is a bit disappointing. But the other two are a lot better, so that redeemed the range for me!

Vanilla Cupcake is a pale pink shade. It adds a nice soft touch of colour to your lips. I am not used to wearing a shade this pale so I think its nice that it is in lip balm form because it isn’t super pigmented. Whenever I do wear this one, I really pat it into my lips as it would be a tad too light for my natural lip colour, but it still works. Plus I really like the scent of this one, I am a sucker for anything Vanilla scented, so this was a clear winner!

Pumpkin Spice is up last, and is a kind of nude and subtle orange toned lip balm. This is my favourite of the whole collection because the shade is so natural and easy to wear. This is the perfect shade to be able to apply without looking, which is what I look for in a lip balm. It adds a really nice plumpness and colour to your lips, whilst still looking natural. Plus being such a typical white girl, I love that it is Pumpkin Spice flavoured! If you are gonna pick up any of these lip balms, this one is a must for the wear-ability and scent. I think it is quite a universally flattering shade, which is always a bonus.

Overall I think this range is pretty good. I would recommend the Pumpkin Spice one for sure, and depending on your lip colour – maybe the Vanilla Cupcake. And unless you are a pro at applying dark lips, I would give the Chai Tea Latte one a miss because of the fuss to is to apply and the I think if you are gonna wear a dark lip, it is better off as a lipstick or gloss.

Have you tried any of the Babylips limited edition ranges? I would love to know your thoughts!

Lizzy πŸ™‚