Hey everyone!

I recently purchased the ‘Hungry Hands’ hand cream from Zoella beauty’s Christmas 2016 launch.Everything in this new range is Gingerbread scented, making it perfect for this time of year and anyone who loves Christmas/baking/ginger (I fit into all those categories!)


Firstly, the scent is amazing! Really spicy but not too overpowering, with a hint of vanilla to add a bit of sweetness to the overall smell. I like that the scent in this isn’t that strong because it doesn’t clash with my perfume or linger for too long. It smells just like gingerbread cooking in the oven, which is so comforting and links well to the time of year.


I love the packaging as well, I am a sucker for anything copper coloured and it ย makes the look of the product feel lot more expensive that it actually is (It’s currently ยฃ5 in Superdrug). I think the red label looks really nice against the copper as well. The overall design looks really Christmas inspired, with the candy cane borders and colour combo.


I think this product does a pretty good job of moisturising my hands too. It isn’t a thick cream and it absorbs really quickly which I like. It also doesn’t leave a film or greasy feeling to my hands so I can do things afterwards. But because of this it means it doesn’t hydrate my hands amazingly well, but I would buy a thicker hand cream with this in mind. This might just be an issue for me because I have dry skin.

Overall, I really like this hand cream, especially for the scent! If you are looking for a secret santa gift or a stocking filler for a friend I would really recommend it!

Lizzy ๐Ÿ™‚