Every time there is a change in Lush’s seasonal products I get excited. As a bath lover, I love Lush Cosmetics all year round for pampering and relaxation goodness. But I always get extra excited for the themed products.


I have never really tried anything from the Autumn/Halloween collection from Lush, apart from the ‘Northern Lights’ bath bomb (although the packaging has changed since I last purchased it). So I was super excited to give a few products because we have a bath in the place we are staying at. Even though I don’t celebrate Halloween, I couldn’t resist because Autumn is my favourite season, so I have high expectations for these bath products!

  • Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar – I think this has been around for a year or two now and I was drawn to it because of the glitter element to it.I actually really like glitter in my bath products, it makes the bath feel more luxury to me! I love the scent of this, it has grapefruit oil, lime, juniperberry oil and cinnamon in. This means it has the perfect balance of sweet, fresh and spicy which I think is perfect for this time of year. Another great thing about this product is the size, you could easily get two or three baths out of this.


  • Pumpkin bath bomb – This smells just like a pumpkin pie, which is amazing for this time of year (even though I have never actually had one!) Just like the ‘Sparkly Pumpkin’ this has the perfect ratio of sweet to spice which makes it really comforting to use. This is the only product I have used so far and really love it. It turns your bath and amazing orange colour and releases the amazing scent of vanilla and cinnamon.The scent lingers on your skin too, which I really love and helped me stay relaxed for a while after the bath.


  • Boo bath melt – When I saw this in the store I couldn’t resist picking it up because it was too damn cute not too, a bonus is that it smells amazing too. A combination of relaxing scents such as; mimosa, geranium and ginger makes this products seem amazing before bedtime. An amazing ingredient in the Lush bath melts is cocoa butter which feel super moisturising and creamy on your skin after the bath. I think this is my favourite item from my little haul!


There were a few things I have picked up in Lush recently! Have you tried any of the new Autumn collection? I would love to know your thoughts!

Lizzy 🙂