Hi guys,

Sorry that it’s been so long since my last blog post, things have been kinda crazy lately… WE GOT MARRIED!

Yeah, Dom and I decided about May this year to get married before he joined me at university this year! That’s why I haven’t really be able to get any blog posts out recently! We got married on August 20th and then we moved out a the start of September to our place in Brighton.

Our marriage service was small and we celebrated with family after at our favourite Italian restaurant, and then we had our marriage blessed the week after and that involved more family and friends celebrating with us which was so lovely! I am glad we got the best of both worlds with quiet ceremony on the 20th and then a party along with blessing on the 27th! We did it all on a budget so a lot of it was DIY and we had loads of help from various family members, which we are eternally thankful for!!  ❤

Here are a few pics of both the wedding day and the blessing –

We went to Hastings for our honeymoon which was so much fun, exploring a new place for both of us. We did lots of tourist-y bits and got to relax which was nice too! I will share a few pics of our honeymoon so you can see just how beautiful Hastings really is.

Now we are settling into uni, Dom starting his first year and me continuing with my second and we are both loving it! I am happy to have finally settled in to a routine so I can get back into blogging regularly! Sorry for the delay!

If you want any tips or a post on how do a wedding on budget, or any details about the wedding let me know! I would be more than happy to answer any questions!

Lizzy 🙂