Now that it is officially Summer (but it still seems like winter in the UK), I wanted to do a little list of plans/goals that I want to do or achieve this year now that University is over. I don’t want to set my goals too high because otherwise it won’t be realistic, I just want Summer 2016 to be one to remember!

  1. Learn to do eyeliner (properly)  – this has been my goal for some time now, I am just too lazy to take the time to practice it. I am going to set myself the goal of learning before I return to university in September. If you guys have any tips, please let me know!
  2. Have a picnic the local park – Dom and I used to visit a park near us all the time during the summer we first got together. I really want to revisit there and hang out once the weather is nicer and remember all those fun memories and make new ones!
  3. Watch the sunset on the beach – This is something that Dom and I used to do too, and I want to do it again for the same reason. There is something so relaxing about sitting by the shore with some food and just talking about anything and everything.
  4. Get some reading time in – I always say to myself that I should make more time for reading and I never do. This summer I want to take advantage of the time I have off this summer and read some of the books that have been sitting on my bookshelf forever! Expect to see some book reviews if I find any of the books any good.
  5. Learn to cook – This is another thing that I keep putting off because I am lazy. I have so many cookbooks just waiting to be used, but I can’t find the motivation to learn. I want cooking to become fun for me and I hope I can really get stuck in with it this summer and learn some new and exciting recipes for the coming year at University.

There were a few of my Summer goals. Do you have any goals to achieve this summer? I would love to know them so I can add some to my list!

Lizzy 🙂