Hey everyone!

You have no idea how excited I am to be doing this post and to have this palette! I have seen loads of hype on the internet about Violet Voss eyeshadow palettes, especially the ‘Holy Grail’ palette because in my opinion it is THE perfect palette. I nearly cried when I opened it up and saw the beauty of the shadows for the first time! I have had it for a few weeks now and thought it was about time I reviewed it. I want to talk about the ordering process, as well as the palette itself – so let’s get on!


I looked for what seemed like ages for this palette. Violet Voss is an American company and website so it would have been quite difficult to track it down and then get one to be shipped to the UK, so I tried a stock list from the UK: Cocktail Cosmetics but it wasn’t in stock there (but they do have other Violet Voss products on the website, along with others, so its well worth checking out if you are interested). After even more time searching on various websites, I had a random thought – why not try eBay? So I turned to eBay and after a tense bidding war, I won somehow and the palette was mine…

Now onto the palette review and my first impressions of the ‘Holy Grail’ palette. First and foremost, the shades are beyond words!! What else could you want in palette in terms of shades?! They are all so wearable but also glam at the same time. I know this will be my go to and ride or die palette because of the shades alone. They are all so versatile, I can’t see myself using much else because it has everything you could need. I just know that I will be able to create such a wide range with all of the shades, I can’t wait to start experimenting.

Here is the palette! (sorry about the lighting!) I will link my instagram picture of it incase you want to see it in better lighting 

If the palette wasn’t already too perfect for words, the texture and quality of the shadows themselves are out of this world. When I first swatched them I couldn’t quite believe how pigmented and buttery they are. Each time I have used the shadows I have been continually impressed with how blendable they are, no matter what finish it is – the quality is so consistent!

A few of my fave shades in day light. 

So here was my first impress of the ‘Holy Grail’ palette by Violet Voss. As I continue to use it I will update you guys on how I like it and such. I have linked my insta pic of the palette here in natural lighting if you want to see it better. Have you guys made any new makeup discoveries recently?

Lizzy 🙂