I went to the cinema last Sunday to see the new film ‘Me Before You’ and thought since I have read the book as well, I should do both a short film and book review and comparison post for anyone who is interested.

me before you

The Plot –

The story follows a small town girl who forms a strong bond who a recently paraplegic man who she is the carer for.

The Book –

Since I read the book (by Jojo Moyes) first I thought it made sense to review this first. It is such a lovely story with truly lovable characters, I am a sucker for a good romance novel. As soon as I started reading it I couldn’t put it down and it was a really quick read. I found it interesting to see the characters develope the more I read and the unexpected turns throughout made it difficult for me to guess what was gonna happen next and there was way more to it than just being a love story. The book taught me to not take my life for granted and to live my life to the most it can be. I am excited to read ‘After You’ which I think is a sequel to this book because I can’t wait to see where this world of characters can take us.

The Film

Because I loved the book so much, I had very high hopes for the film and I was worried that the film was gonna be taken in a different direction. Luckily I think Jojo Moyes (the author) did the screenplay so the charm of the characters that I fell in love with was still there. I think the casting choices were excellent, both Sam Claflin (who played Will Traynor) and Emilia Clarke (who played Louisa Clark) did an amazing job as the lead roles. I think I preferred their portrayals of the characters more than the ones I imagined in my head whilst reading. I cried at both the film and the book, but I think I cried more during the film because I had read the book previously and seeing their emotions on screen made me more emotionally invested. It is one of the best films I have seen in a long time, I already want to get a copy on DVD!


I think that the film was very faithful to the book and they chose the best moments of the book to recapture the magic of the story. As I said before I preferred the actors in the film as opposed to the versions that I had imagined in the book as I read. I don’t think I prefer the book or the film over each other, I like both for different reasons which is what makes the both so amazing to me!

There were a few thoughts on ‘Me Before You’. Have you see it or read the book? What did you think?

Lizzy 🙂