Hi everyone!

Since Coachella was/is happening last weekend I thought what better post to do than my favourite looks from the world-famous music festival. Ever since I first heard about it I have been dying to go because the vibe seems a lot more me than some of the UK festivals we have here. One of my favourite things about Coachella is the outfits that people wear, they look so chic but fun at the same time. Seeing everyone’s Instagram (you can follow me here!) updates has given me serious style envy but I always love seeing my fave celeb’s outfits. Here is a run down of a few of my favourite looks –

  • Shay Mitchell – She always look gorgeous anyway, but I loved her outfits for this year’s Coachella. I loved the way she accessorized with her jewelry and sun glasses.
  • Vanessa Hudgens – Vanessa is known for amazingly boho vibes at Coachella. She knows just how to rock beautiful flow-y prints that capture that festival vibe.


  • Asypn Ovard- I love Aspyn’s clothes style, everything she wears looks so effortless but also comfortable too which is perfect for a music festival.I love how she put together each piece to make an all-around amazing outfit.


There are a few of my favourite looks from Coachella, it was so hard to narrow it down to just three. But I didn’t want this post to ramble on forever!! Do you have any fave looks for Coachella 2016?

Lizzy 🙂