So with Christmas and my birthday both passing, it has resulted in me buying a fair bit of makeup. Being a student means I can’t really justify spending loads on makeup, so being able to have a bit of a splurge has helped satisfy my makeup craving. And I thought if I blog about them then I can justify some of the purchases because it might help some of you guys out! But to be honest, I have no shame in buying makeup at all, and the fact that I can share what I have got recently is just a bonus.


Two of these items; The Balm’s Mary Lou-Manizer and bareMinerals Complexion Rescue ( I chose the shade Opal) have been on my want list FOREVER, but they are items that I haven’t been able to justify the purchase of. But thanks to’s Winter sale these were discounted so I just went for it and I can say I have no regrets!


The products from Urban Decay were purchased for two reasons. I bought the lipstick because it as part of Gwen Stefani’s line and I’m a sucker for anything limited edition, its the lipstick in Ex-Girlfriend. And the two blushes in Fetish (left) and Indecent (right) were because I am such a blush lover and hoarder. Blush has always been my favourite makeup product and I think they always will be.


The final product and the item I am most excited about is a ColourPop Lippie Stix in Lumiรจre. I had purchase this from Amazon because ColourPop doesnt ship the the UK (still so gutted about this) and paid quite a lot for it, but I just wanted this shade so bad because its a collab with KathleenLights one of my favourite Youtubers ever. It’s one of the most beautiful lipsticks I own.


So there is quite a wordy round up of my recent makeup purchases. I am hoping to review all of these, or at least any that stand out to me the most and are my faves. If you there are any products you want me to swatch and review in particular please let me know!

Lizzy ๐Ÿ™‚