Hi everyone, Lizzy and Dom here for our monthly post on the previous month. We both hope that January was a good one for everyone. Here is a few things that we got up to…

#3 – The Tea Room.

As a goodbye from my family, me, and a few of my closest relatives went to a tea room down by the seaside. We ordered some drinks  (I had a milkshake) and brought some food (I had a bacon sandwich and banana loaf; Dom had a tuna toastie and brownie) which we enjoyed as we talked together. It was a lovely way to end my Christmas holiday at home.

#2 – Date-night

A lot of couples designate a night a week to go out all fancied-up and spend the night together, a big problem for students who earn minimum wage in a part-time job. The problem of money means we usually coop up inside under a blanket watching some Netflix, so when we do remember we tend to do more than one thing on one night to compensate. We decided to go to the cinema (to see Lady in the Van – which I wrote a here!) and went to Pizza Express. The film was good and the pizza was amazing and we hope to make time for more dates in the future.

#1 – Lizzy’s Birthday

Our favourite moment (well mostly mine at least!) was my Birthday, it was the best Birthday yet. I got to spend the whole day with Dominic and then celebrated with my family later in the day. I met Dom in the morning after having a lovely walk with Benji. Then we got back to mine and Dom gave me my amazing presents! We then went to one of our favourite coffee stops – Coffee #1 and  Dom treated me to a chocolate orange hot chocolate and Dom had a Mocha (of course) and we enjoyed that together.Dom was too kind to me because he made us a tuna and sweetcorn panini as well, which was soooooooo good! Then my family got back and I opened all the presents I received from all of my lovely friends and family. Everyone was so kind with the presents they got me, and I can’t thank everyone enough for being so generous. We ended the day with a meal in a local pub with my Grandparents which of course was amazing. Dom and I both had burgers and chips. Everything that happened on my birthday was so amazing, and I want to thank everyone who was there who spent the time on making to so special for me.

So there was our round-up of January, we both hope that you guys had an amazing month too!

Lizzy and Dom 🙂