So, I have survived my first week back to university after the Christmas break. Something I wasn’t really looking forward to if I’m honest. Going back was especially daunting for me because I had two months off and I was really enjoying being at home. But of course, once Christmas and my birthday were over February 1st came around all too quickly. My Mum was lovely enough to drive me back with all my new things I had received and food I had bought and it was a pain-free journey which helped ease my nerves about going back.

My timetable has increased since last term as I have picked up an extra module as part of Cultural Studies (I now do 3 modules instead of 2) and to be honest I was a little nervous about the increased workload. As before, my degree still has more independent work compared to work with lectures and tutors, which means I still have a lot of time to do all my readings and tasks each week. So far I have kept on top of everything, so I hope this continues as the weeks go on.

I have been put in new seminar classes with a few familiar faces, but all the new people I have met have been super nice! It was also nice to be reunited and catch up with my flatmates as it has been a long time since I saw them.

So far, I am already enjoying university way more than I ever did last term. The modules are interesting and all the new people I have met so far have made this first week back a breeze. Even though I know it will be more work this term, I can’t wait to get really stuck in and grow as a person (sorry if that’s super cringey!!)