Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well and are easily getting back into the swing of things so far in January. Right now I am writing this blog post when I have a mountain of reading to do before I start uni again in February. But as part of my relaxing January, Dom and I decided to go to the cinema as we haven’t been in AGES! We decided to watch ‘Lady in the Van’ which stars Maggie Smith who is one of our favourite British actors because she is of course Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter.


The film was really good, full of English satire and wit, which is a reflection of Alan Bennett’s screenplay and his writing of the book. The film is based on a true story and follows Alan Bennett who finds himself becoming somewhat of a friend to Miss Shepherd who lives in a van which is parked in his driveway. It stars Maggie Smith who plays Miss Shepard (aka the lady in the van) , Alex Jennings who is Alan Bennett and Jim Broadbent who plays Underwood a retired policeman. There is also feature of some other British actors who you may be familiar with if you have seen a lot of British TV and film.  Whilst some of characters have been in previous titles of Bennett like ‘The History Boys’.


Overall I would really recommend this film if you are someone who appreciates the English sense of humour or are just looking for something a little different to watch. The actors, the screenplay and direction from Nicholas Hytner all come together to make an all around good British film.