December 2015

Hello everyone, Lizzy and Dom here! It’s great to be back into the normal routine, no more junk food and lazing around. We hope that you have had an amazing Christmas and New Year, and in this post we will be reviewing the best moments of our Christmastime.

December has been an amazing month and the best Christmas ever. Us being apart has been really hard on us, the relationship is strong as ever, but the sense of missing is an always feeling. But we have had the best festive season being together most days, which has been amazing. We have obviously been up to our usual cooking and film-watching things, however the moments that stood out the most to us were:

#3 – The Pantomime

Yes, we know, we are 19, but as this is a family tradition we let ourselves off, and it was lovely to include Dom into this. It turned out to be the best one yet, and although we expected childish humour and dreadful acting (which on some parts it was), it did include a lot of funny sketches and great performer-audience  relationship. The pantomime was Cinderella which was shown in Portsmouth’s King’s Theatre, it was incredibly individual with the traditional characters and a few extra side characters to help glue the plot together. We watched this on Christmas Eve, Eve and it really got us in a happy, feel-good mood for Christmastime.

#2 – New Year’s Eve

We didn’t go out to a party or to a fireworks display, instead we did the usual Lizzy and Dom thing of staying in and watching loads of films. Dom’s parents made a buffet for everyone and we enjoyed munching away on all the bite-sized treats. We watched, for the first time, Coronation Street – which we thought was hilariously dreadful. Afterwards we watched The Internship, a film about two has-been salesman (Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson) who get an internship with Google, we seriously recommend this film as an easy watching, bright film. We stayed up (barely, might we add) to midnight and celebrated the countdown to the clearly illegal fireworks around the neighbourhood.

#1 – Our Christmas Celebration

So this was a given, Christmas would be taking the number one spot, but it was just such a great time, there is no way it couldn’t. We spent the mornings with our families, excited for the Christmases when we can do it all together. We wanted to share a few of our fave gifts. I got Liz Earle’s No.20 perfume, a shops worth of nail varnish, and Mac eye shadows to add to my palette. Dominic got new parts to install into his PC, Mozart Piano Sonata book and a bunch of blu-rays for us to binge over the following month. We met up in the afternoon on Christmas day to exchange gifts with each other. Dom’s favourite from me was his Abercrombie & Fitch shirt, and my favourite from Dominic was my limited edition Starbuck’s mug (which is on my Instagram if you are interested in seeing!). After the afternoon being spent at Dom’s had quickly and miraculously vanished, we headed to Lizzy’s for dinner. Having leftovers in sandwiches, and some lovely sausage rolls. We finished the evening together playing a humming game till Dom had to go home. We then spent boxing day together with my extended family at my Auntie and Uncle’s. The families exchanged gifts and played card games till the evening was over. Our Christmastime this year was amazing, we already can’t wait till Christmas 2016!

Dom and I ft. the Christmas tree!