I was recently having a look around Lush Cosmetics for Christmas presents for some people and in the process saw a few things that I decided to treat myself to! Although, I have asked for a lot of things from Lush as Christmas presents its nice to use their seasonal range before Christmas too (just trying to justify myself here!!!). So here is my little festive Lush Haul…

First thing I chose wasn’t actually part of the Christmas collection, but I chose the Oatifix fresh face mask. I have heard a lot about the face masks from Lush and decided to give one ago. I really wanted to get Cupcake, but that was sold out, so I went for Oatifix instead because the description and ingredients seemed to suit my skin concerns. I have only used this a couple of times but I am IN LOVE! The texture was a bit strange at first because I have never used a mask like this before, but I got over that pretty quickly. After just one use I noticed that my redness has died down a lot and my skin felt so smooth and moisturised, which is a dream for someone who has dry skin like me! I can’t recommend the Lush face masks enough, I really hope I can pick up another one in the near future.


I was really strict with myself and allowed myself to only buy two bath bombs. I chose Butterbear and Cinders, both products I have never tried before so I am super excited, and they are both under £3 which is always a bonus! I am still yet to try these, but I know I will love them because I am yet to use a product from Lush that I don’t like. Butterbear seems like it is gonna be really moisturising to have in the bath, and the smell is just really lovely. It contains Cocoa Butter so I know its going leave my skin feeling really soft and nourished! Plus its one of the cutest bath bombs I’ve ever seen, so this is an all around amazing bath bomb!!


I have heard a lot of people talking about Cinders so I wanted to give it a try. This is such a festive scented bath bomb! It has cinnamon leaf oil, almond essential oil and sweet orange oil, which combined just makes me think of Christmas. I am planning on using this on Christmas Eve due to the fragrance because I know it will just add to my excitement as it is such a festive scent. I am so excited to use this, I think this is my favourite product from the whole haul.


And finally, I bought the limited edition Santa’s lip scrub. I have never tried a lip scrub before, but a friend of mine recommended it to me which made me know that this would be amazing! All of the ingredients make this product work so well, my lips have never felt softer!! It smells of cola which not only makes me think of the Christmas Coca Cola advert, but it means that it isn’t an overly Christmas-y scent so its good to use all year round!  You get a lot of product for the price (£5.50) as you only use a small amount each time. I am definitely gonna check out the other lip scrubs that are available at Lush once I have run out of this one, its now a skincare staple for me!


So there are a few bits I have got a Lush recently, I am so excited about all of my purchases. Do you have any favourites from the Christmas collection at Lush?

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Lizzy 🙂