Hi guys,

I thought since I did a post on my Autumn Wish List that I should do a post on my Autumn essentials because I love this time of year and just wanted to share them with you guys!


The first item is a Autumn-themed candle. Even though I can’t use candles in my uni halls at the moment, it doesn’t mean I can’t covet over these seasonal scents!  I have chosen this Bath and Body WorksPumpkin Pecan Waffles‘ scent because I have it in pocket bac form and I absolutely love it. It is quite sickly sweet, but still a lovely smell. I have tried one Bath and Body Works candle before and think they are great quality and have such a wide range of scents so there is something for everyone. I hope to try more of these candles when I’m not living here next year. You just can’t beat an a cold Autumn evening all cuddled up with films, snacks and a candle burning in the background!

Secondly is this Marc Jacobs perfume in ‘Lola‘. This is my go to scent for this time of year, something about it just screams Autumn to me. The design of the bottle really reminds me of this time of year because of the of deep colours that are used. I think the combination of notes ( The top notes are pink pepper, pear and grapefruit; the middle notes are peony, geranium and rose and the base notes are vanilla, musk and tonka bean) makes the perfume an amazing combination of fruity and floral without being an overly sweet scent. It is quite a deep scent as well which I think is more suited to this time of year compared to a few of the other scents from Marc Jacobs.

I recently discovered the Tanya Burr Cosmetics lip gloss in ‘Berry Picking‘ and have fallen in love with it. I’ve never really felt brave enough to wear a deep berry shade during the Autumn time, but this shade has changed that!! Because it is in lip gloss form, it makes it less scary to wear for me and adds a lovely pop of colour to the lips. This is the first lip gloss from this range that I have tried, but think they are amazing products so I will have to try some more out in the near future.

Now on to fashion type bits that I think are essential for this time of year. Now that its getting colder (and even more rainier) in the UK, I think its always a good idea to invest in a woolly hat or beanie  (they don’t have this particular one on the website, so I have linked a similar one) to keep you warm and this one is from New Look. I have a hat similar to this from New Look too, minus the fur bobble but in the same burgundy shade. The colour of this one just epitomizes Autumn I think and it is really affordable as well, making it an all around great purchase!

Finally, this jumper from H&M looks like it’s really warm and cosy. This has been on my wish list for a while and I think a purchase will definitely have to happen soon!! I’m not 100% sure if this turtle neck style will suit me, but I have always wanted to try it because it looks really warming and comfy. A good thing about this particular jumper is that the neck isn’t too tight around your neck so it’s a nice alternative to the usual style. Plus I think the colour is super lovely for this time of year, I love to wear grey all year round, but in Autumn especially!

So there were a few of my Autumn Essentials, I hope to have give some of you some inspiration and helped you feel more into the Autumn spirit! What are your essentials for this time of year? I would love to know!

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Lizzy ☺