Hi guys,

I know I haven’t been very active on the blog recently, I’m really sorry! University work has just taken over my life, but I only have 3 more weeks left of term and then I am home, (YAY!). I am hoping to do lots of Christmas themed posts and get back into a proper schedule for posting and things because I really miss posting regularly.

There isn’t much to update you on other than the fact that Uni is going well and I am starting to enjoy it 100% (I went through a bit of a rough patch and wasn’t really sure about the whole thing). I have made a few good friends and really enjoying living with my lovely flat mates. But I am very excited to come home for Christmas and see all my friends and family back home. I have quite a long time off so its gonna be so nice to just relax and be excited for Christmas and my birthday because that is in mid-January!

I hope you are all well and hopefully I’ll be posting soon!

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Lizzy ☺