Hello everyone!

Now that we are fully fledged into Autumn, I wanted to share a few things that I have planned this Halloween. This year is particularly special because I am coming home for the week of Halloween from University for reading week.

  1. Catching up with friends and family. When I come back I won’t have seen some people for 6 weeks or more so I think it will be nice to see some people and catch up with them. It will be especially lovely to catch up with my grandparents as they’re two of my favourites people and I haven’t seen them for ages!
  2. Watching horror/ Halloween films. I never used to be much of a horror films kinda girl, but this past year I’ve really got into them after studying horror films in AS Film Studies. Dom and I have planned to watch all kinds of Halloween films over the next week, which should be fun.
  3. Decorate a pumpkin. This is something I’ve never done before by it looks so fun. I’m not sure if I want to carve one or go for a no-carve pumpkin design, but I’m having a lot of fun looking at inspiration online.
  4. Make Halloween themed snacks. I have been looking at Pinterest for ages at Autumn/Halloween themed treats and snacks and they’re so cute. It will be nice to do this at home because my uni kitchen doesn’t really have enough space to make them and I just love making things like this.

So there are my plans for the next week as it’s the week of Halloween. What are your plans for Halloween?

Lizzy ☺️