I know we are a few days into August now, but I wanted to post my first monthly favourites. Just to apologise now, sorry that the photo quality isn’t amazing. I had to use my phone instead of my camera for this post, I hope that’s okay!

First up is the Real Techniques Bold Metals Tapered Blush brush. I got this as a gift from Dom and I absolutely love it! First off, its Rose Gold – need I say anymore?! Its BEAUTIFUL! I really like the shape of it as well, its perfect for applying blush right on the apples of the cheeks. When using this I watch how much product I apply to this brush because it adds to the pigmentation and intensity to the blush. I really want to try some of the other brushes in this collection to see how they compare.


Another product I have been loving throughout this spring and summer is the Victoria’s Secret fragrance mist in Secret Charm.  I have had this for over a year now, and remember wearing it constantly last summer as well. The combination of honeysuckle and jasmine create a really lovely floral scent which isn’t overpowering. The lasting power is really good on these too and you get a lot for your money (they are 250ml each). I don’t know how much these cost in shops because I bought mine of eBay for about seven pounds each. There is such a wide range of fragrances that this range does, I can’t wait to try out more.

IMG_1490 (2)

And finally, a film favourite of mine has been The Help. I watched this at the end of July with a friend but haven’t stopped thinking about it since. Its based in 1960s America and is about a girl called Skeeter (played by Emma Stone) who writes a book about the perspective of black women who took care of white families. I found it a really inspiring and thought-provoking film, and it made me experience a range of emotions! After seeing the film, I really want to read the book. I’m pretty sure that The Help is on Netflix so you can have a watch there if you’re interested, and I would really recommend it!


Those have been some of my favourites from the past month. What were you loving in the month of August, I would love to know!

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