I haven’t really tried a lot of things from Benefit Cosmetics, (although there is loads that I am dying to try!) and I had read a bit online about their Creaseless Cream Shadows and thought I would give one a go. It took me a while to choose a shade, it was between Bikini Tini and R.S.V.P and in the end I went with Bikini Tini as I thought I would get the most use out of this shade.


It comes in a really cute glass jar making it feel vintage-y, which also makes it feel good quality. The shade is described as an ‘oyster pink’ which I agree with, but I would say it when swatched it shows a champagne tone too. It can be used as a base or lid shade for your eyeshadow look because the ‘creaseless’ element to this product adds staying power to your look. I have mostly been using this to add a soft wash of colour over my lids when I want a more natural and easy makeup look, and I use my fingers to apply it.


In terms of staying power I have to say it lasts a good 6 hours without creasing (and I have only been testing it in the summer months), which is something because I tend to get creasing on my eyes whenever I wear any kind of eyeshadow without a primer. I would love to try Benefit’s powder eyeshadow counterparts to these shadows to see if they work well together and stay all day. As well as using it as an eyeshadow, I have used this as a cream highlight which works quite well if you go easy on it as there is quite a lot of shimmer!

DSCF0081This product is really creamy which ensures that the application is even and smooth. The reason that I like this formula so much is because it means it’s so easy to apply with your fingers. I am yet to try applying this with a brush, but Benefit say that if used with a brush it adds intensity to the shadow.

I would love to try more of these products because I think they are really versatile and great quality as well. When I buy more, I would love to try R.S.P.V, Birthday Suit or My Two Cents. If anyone has any recommendations for Benefit products, I would love to know as I would really like to get into the brand!

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