It’s two days before results day as I write this and I’m completely overcome with nerves! No amount of “you’ll be fine” or “no point worrying about it now” is going to change my mind. My results are the difference between me going to my first choice university or not. For someone who didn’t put an insurance choice, it’s especially daunting! I know it’s not the end of the world if I don’t get the grades needed, but I am so so worried about being disappointed with my grades. I can’t quite believe that the big day would come around so quickly, but here we are. Only two days to go…


The day before results day and I have mixed feelings. Of course, I’m an absolute nervous wreck. But, I am feeling a bit more calm about it as I have come to terms with the fact that me worrying about it won’t change anything. I know I worked as hard as I could have and put as much time into revision that I felt I could have done (I know there’s always the “I should have spent more time revising this or that” but finding time to for yourself is just as important as revision during exam period). I’m trying to take on the everything happens for a reason mentality, but that’s probably because I don’t want to be disappointed in myself if I don’t make the grades.

I know I can check UCAS Track at 8AM tomorrow morning to see if my firm choice has accepted me, but I don’t want to see I’ve been declined and then go to collect my results knowing they aren’t good enough. There is a chance that your firm choice can still take you if you just miss out on the grades and the course still has space (according to the UCAS website), so I will check there just in case.

So, it’s about 14 hours till I can pick up my results as I write this. Here’s hoping that I, and all the others around the country get the grades they need.


So, I can so very happily say… I GOT IN!! I achieved a place at the University of Sussex to study Media and Cultural Studies, even though I didn’t meet the entry criteria. I am a bit gutted with my results but the main thing is that I am in and I can’t explain how happy I am! It didn’t really occur to me how soon everything comes after today. I have already sorted my accommodation for when I start (a big yes for getting an en-suite room!) and next month I will be off to Sussex to start the next scary, but exciting chapter of my life!

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