Since its drawing close to results day for my A Levels and finding out if I’ve got into my first choice University (less than a week now!) I thought I would set myself some things to achieve this month. I know we are already some days into this month but it’s never too late to set yourself monthly goals!

  1. Make more time for exercise. I was determined to be healthier this summer and go on more runs, but with it being the holidays I have wanted to stay in bed for a long as possible which means I miss out on my morning runs which is my favourite time to go. My aim is to go on a run 2-3 times a week amongst a daily workout to tone up and be healthier.
  2. Learn to cook. The only thing that I’m able to cook at the moment is pasta, which is fine because I LOVE pasta! But with university just round the corner, I feel like I need master a few more meals before I go as I dont want to live off microwave meals. I want to learn some basics and then hopefully I will pick up the rest as I go! I’m sure when I’m at uni I will do some posts on student budget friendly and easy meals to anyone who is interested.
  3. Perfect my liquid eyeliner game. I can kinda do liquid eyeliner but it takes me such a long time to get it right that I end up not bothering with it. It’s just one if those things I want to be able to do quickly. If there are any eyeliners that anyone can recommend for beginners that would be amazing, I’ve only used the Collection Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner so far.
  4. Relax and enjoy the summer! These past two years at college have been very stressful and it’s the best feeling to know hat I can do whatever I want this summer. I want to hang out with my boyfriend and my family as much as possible because I want my last summer before uni to be full of memories! My boyfriend and I have been hanging out together as much as we can because this September we may not see each other as often as we can now because of uni. We love to watch tv shows together and our current favourites are House and The Office U.S!
  5. Get organised. With uni and all this change just round the corner I want to sort out everything I need for when I go away by the end of this month. Then in September I can relax in my last two weeks at home. This means making lots of lists (yay!) of things I need to buy and remember for when I leave because I don’t want to forget anything!

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So these are my goals for the rest of this month. What are your goals for August or the summer? I would love to know and I hope that you achieve everything you set out to do ☺