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I wasn’t really sure what to do for my first official blog post, but I took some photos last week and thought to share them on here. I am still getting to grips with my camera so these photos may not look that great, but I didn’t want to let that stop me writing this post.

As there has been a heat wave recently in the UK, (although as I am writing this is its horribly windy and rainy, typical) I wanted to go out and take some photos of a few of my favourite places near me to practice. I live in the South Coast of England near Portsmouth in case you were wondering and this makes the beach one of my top places to go when its hot.


I love to go to Stokes Bay beach because you have a really lovely view of the Isle of Wight from there which looks especially lovely when the sun is shining!


Sorry about the lopsidedness of this picture, I liked it too much not to use!

I have so many memories of coming here with my family throughout my whole life. And the more recent memories I have of the beach are of my boyfriend (shout out to Dom if you’re reading this!) and I love taking walks along the beach and hanging out there two years ago, as this was the time we got together. This makes me love to visit because it reminds me of the early stages of our relationship.

Stanley Park is another place close to the beach that I love going to for the same reason as above, Dom and I used to visit there a lot during our first summer together! It’s a little park that is filled with trees and flowers which makes for a lovely spot to hang out in during summer. I got a little distracted by the flower displays in the park so I didn’t get any of the trees or anything which I’m sad about, but I’m sure when I go in the future that I will do.


Admittedly the flowers in the photo above don’t look as impressive as they do in real life which is probably due to my lack of camera skills! I just really love how all of the colours compliment each other, I would love to be one of those people who plans flower displays. This park is filled with flowers that are both wild and planted by people and the colours of all the flowers there really pop in the summertime.


These are just two of my favourite places that I like to visit where I live, and the best part about both of them is that they don’t cost money and more importantly that they hold sentimental value to me. I have a lot more pictures that I took but I don’t want to make this post any longer than it already is!

Thank you for reading!!

Lizzy ☺